Jay.f.k Beats - Bully

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  • Дата релиза: 11 октябрь 2022
Jay.f.k Beats - Bully
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Текст песни
I′m the, I'm the type to give your girl the work around
Then tell her twerk it maybe we can work it out
The basic, Instagram working out
She famous, she demands word of mouth, yeah
For the clout I been chilling with your main chick
TIA shit, this is who she came with (aye)
When you famous DM her that lame shit
Like you ain't shit, I just wanna bang quick

Mamacita, here′s a gift
You my best friend, be my bae
I′m a bad guy, I admit (yeah)
But the bag got, uber trips (yea-yeah)
Uber dip, uber lit
Only I'll know that I′m who you with
You with the bad guy, hooligan (yeah)
'Cause the bad guy prove to win