Tulips, Roses - G- Eazy

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Tulips, Roses - G- Eazy
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Текст песни
Gerry in Paris

Sittin' on my terrace in Paris
Sun risin' up as strangers leave my hotel
Afterparties, thank God for NDAs, everything you saw tonight, don't tell
Understand the urge, but would you please not share this?
Get triggered when I see a camera open, it scares us
Posted on her Close Friends to show off she's near us
Actin' off of impulse, she's tipsy and careless
I swear there's a scarcity of self awareness
I was faded when I wrote this, off the microdoses
Mushrooms, chocolates, and bottomless Mimosas
It's been a decade since I knew what being broke is
Being livin' without remorse, and I barely know what home is
If I fell, who would catch me?
If I was down, who would grab me?
Is that the truth, or are you just tryin' to gas me?
In the Hollywood Hills, I'm Los Angeles' Gatsby