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Текст песни
I got, I got
I got, I got (Two to beam up, Scotty)
I got a .40 on my hip, I got a 30 up my nose
I got twenty inch rims, holdin' it down with ten toes
I got zero time for hoes (Sorry, ladies), *59 is the gang
I'm just sayin' how it goes, I'm just showin' off my fame
All these lames, all these dames, all these chains, I can't do it
All this fame, all these claims, all the same, I think I'm movin' (Yeah)
Walk wild 'round my body, Oddy fuck with nobody (No)
I make millions off a hobby, still feel anxious in the lobby, yuh
Yeah, it's like my soul is made of Richard camouflage
I'm in a Dodge in a garage huffin' exhaust, huh, yeah
Realest thing about me is my middle name Norman
This whole timе y'all have been witnessin' my Joker pеrformance (Ha, ha, ha), yeah
I don't give a fuck, I'm over it
Take me off my leash and then be Ruby the fuckin' Doberman
Take these cars, outfits, stupid trends off social media
All I see is demons conjuring to pedophilia (Ugh, y'all nasty)

I got, huh, I got, huh
I got, I got (Two to beam up, Scotty)
I got Glocks with no kick (Fah), I got Ks with a switch (Yeah)
I got head I can't forget from a young New Orleans witch (Bitch)
I got Xans in my—, I got, uh, lemme check
That's your whole lifes work on my motherfuckin' wrist (Ooh-ooh)
I got chains all wet (What), I got pain in my glass (Yeah)
Fuck your song, I don't care (Nuh)
Fuck your gang, it don't compare (Grey)
If I hang this in the air
Gotta tat' it on my throat (What)
I'm the [?] in my [?]