(G)I-DLE - Change

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  • Длительность: 3:25
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  • Дата релиза: 17 октябрь 2022
(G)I-DLE - Change
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Текст песни
Wanna live my life like yesterday
Never feeling down
Never feeling down

Woke up in another new day
Something has changed
Don't feel the same
Alone hearing voices in my head
Thought that I had it all
But it feels like nobody cares, nobody cares
In a tiffany dress, get off from white 벤
Walk the red carpet, 밝게 터지는 Flash
모든 세상의 관심 수많은 Fans
그래 사랑에 배가 부른 거지
매일 꿈꾸던 삶이야
그리고 꿈이 없어진 삶이야
대체 얼마나 대단한 걸 더 가져야
행복할까 궁금한 밤이야

Love and fame
It seems to be enough
When the truth is not that beautiful
Tears and pain
Are things I’ve never shown
No one knows, no one knows, no one knows
They think I'm okay
Think I'm okay